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Sol Gilbert, owner of Ultimate Training and all-around fitness and nutrition expert, says that now is the time to take charge of your fitness destiny: “when we can master our own body, rather than our bodies dictating how we’re gonna look and how we’re gonna feel…we’re in control about what we can do.”

Sol, who has over twenty years experience in the fitness industry, has a range of services designed to help customers achieve their fitness goals. Whether it be in one of his Underground Gym locations or via the range of coaching services that he provides, Sol is excited to help people live better and be healthier.

For Sol, it’s all about giving customers the information that they need to change their own lives through exercise and nutrition, tailored to every client’s individual needs. Sol knows that every client has a different story: “there might be something that’s got you to this point where you don’t feel particularly happy about yourself – or you do feel happy about yourself, you feel great, but you just want to get fit!”

But it’s all about setting a series of realistic, achievable short-term goals, for Sol. Taking small steps to create big change – whether that’s losing fat, building muscle, whatever that individual health journey looks like: “health is the key metric that I really focus on. Making sure that you sleep better, feel better, your body performs better – once we get those things together, everything else just slots into place.”

Sol is the architect of the 21 Day Cleanse Programme, a nutrition and exercise programme that uses elimination protocols to both detox and sculpt the body. Participants join group fitness sessions (on Zoom or in person) and stay motivated and engaged through daily contact with Sol, his team and the fellow programme members. Participants can join whether they are Brighton-based or from their living rooms around the country.

Former combat fighter Sol developed the 21 Day Cleanse out of years of professional experience and personal research. He spent years training as a MMA fighter, and is also a Level 4 nutritional coach.

Despite the impressive business that he has built, it’s important for Sol to be with customers, where the action is: “I love coaching people. I like being amongst it – I want to be on the gym floor, personal training people, seeing transformations, helping transformations, empowering people through fitness and nutrition.”

Sol is offering Discover Brighton readers an exclusive opportunity – 20% off the 21 day cleanse and a free t-shirt, if you use the exclusive Discover Brighton code. Take advantage of this fantastic offer today by contacting Sol through all the usual social media (handle ‘solgilbert’) and quoting discount code ‘DiscoverBrighton.’

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