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Here at Discover towers we love a bath, complete with bath bombs and rubber ducks galore, but did you know there’s another type of bath you can take where water and bubbles are not on the agenda? Read on to find out more…  

By definition a sound bath is a full body meditative experience where you lay down and listen to resonant sounds. This often involves singing bowls, which create an echoing sound that ‘bathes’ the body. Some refer to sound bathing as a healing experience. But why is that so? 

According to a leading physician, the vibrations made by the equipment used in a SB are at very specific frequencies and may have the ability to heal your body. The practice is rooted deep in the notion that particular frequencies correspond to different energy centres within the body. 

The law of vibration states that all creations (including plants and other natural inanimate objects)  vibrate at certain frequencies. Everything is in motion and never rests. Electrical activity in the brain is displayed in the form of brainwaves, or rhythmic, repetitive frequencies. Our thoughts and attitude also reflect our frequency. A person who is very positive will be vibrating at a higher, faster frequency than someone with a negative outlook. The reason SB work is because they are thought to change negative vibrations in someone’s body so that they may feel better and adopt a more positive outlook. 

If you want to learn more about this subject, Google ‘Solfeggio Frequencies’ which will explain more about megahertz (a unit of frequency) and how the differing levels impact people in different ways. 

Generally speaking, the main benefits of experiencing a sound bath have been reported by regular practitioners as follows; 

Relieve stress, Reduce frequency of headaches, Boost confidence, Improve focus, Energize, Improve relationships with others, Clarify thinking and Improve organization skills.

Where can you experience a sound bath for yourself? Check out Brighton Sound who operate from an intimate space known as The Sound Healing Chamber in Preston Park. They offer regular nightly sessions including hammock sound baths. 

On May 23rd Brighton Sound will be hosting a fantastic event, Vesak Full Moon Royal Pavilion Gong Bath. This is taking place inside the famous music room at the Royal Pavilion and this full moon marks the Buddhist celebration of Vesak, celebrating the birth, life and death of the Buddha. 

Words: Samantha Harman.

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Author: Steven Graham

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