There’s Something About Yungblud

Who is the charismatic, wildly hyperactive young man known as Yungblud? Discover did some investigation to find 15 interesting facts about the musical dynamo, who performs at Chalk later this month, on the 29th October 2022.

1. Yungblud’s real name is Dominic Richard Harrison, his stage name is a play on the term ‘young blood’.

2. He was born on August 5th, 1996 and his star sign is Leo.

3. Dominic had a famous grandfather, Rick Harrison who performed with the infamous psychedelic band T-Rex, fronted by Marc Bolan in the 1970s.

4. He learned how to play the guitar at 8 years old, and also the drums and piano.

5. The star’s parents have always been supportive of his desire to be different. His mum allowed him to wear black nail polish and lipstick, coupled with chunky goth boots from the age of 10. When she was chastised by a person in the street, ‘how can you let your son dress like that?’ she responded with a long tirade in his defense. What a lady.

6. He stands up for his fans, telling them it’s ok to be different and not fit in and perhaps this is a direct result of his own upbringing.

7. At school he was labelled as ‘naughty’ and consequently dropped out at the age of 16 to pursue a career in Rock ‘n’ Roll.

8. He also left performing arts school saying, “I went to arts school in London for a bit, but then kind of figured it wasn’t for me. It was the kind of place where they would tell me what to do and how to express myself, and I didn’t agree with that. I had my blinkers on and knew what I wanted to be and the school didn’t go in tangent with that, so I’ve kind of been in my own world since I was 16.”

9. Yungblud’s debut album, ‘21st Century Liability’, was released July 6th, 2018, and made him an immediate sensation all over the world. He reportedly said the album is, ‘An accumulation of all the emotions and anger I’ve felt all my life.’

10. His song ‘Time in a Bottle’ is the soundtrack for 2019’s Fast and Furious soundtrack, Hobbs and Shaw.

11. The singer identifies as straight, but told Attitude Magazine, “If I walked down the street tomorrow and met a f**king bloke or trans person, you never know, I am very fluid.”

12. Yungblud has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and it is this wild energy that his fans love and perhaps give him the drive to succeed on his own terms. 

13. The singer’s biggest influences are, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Arctic Monkeys, Madonna and The Clash. He also loves Billie Eilish (Wouldn’t they make the best aesthetic couple?)

14. His lyrics open discussion for important political and social issues such as gun control in the USA, sexual assault issues and the destructive impact of modern technology on our mental health.

15. His favourite food is a bacon sandwich on white bread with ketchup and a cup of tea, he enjoys eating this while feeding his pigeons. Sounds like our kind of guy. 

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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