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Artist Anon was set up by Mars Miller in 2012, as an online enterprise, in his spare bedroom and has gone from strength to strength.

Originally set up after a shopping trip to Brighton for his son’s clothing and realising that nearly every bit of clothing purchased in the UK somehow represents the United States. ‘Why are our kids walking around promoting California or the USA when we have such a unique culture to be proud of and great designers to support this?’ Artist Anon progressed on to sell their wares at all the fantastic local festivals and events in and around Brighton before acquiring their amazing Brighton seafront premises in 2014. They are now approaching 10 years in their shop opposite Brighton’s old West Pier in the refurbished West Pier Arches.

They pride themselves on the quality of both product and design. Using only the best materials for all their products they create a quality product for all their customers. Most of their products are sustainable organic and Fairtrade and they are particularly proud of the intricate layering and symbolism of Brighton landmarks within their designs and the Bee – Right – On logo that is now synonymous with the brand.


The Artist Anon Pebble Guys are painted stones each painted wearing a different Artist Anon t-shirt. They wandered into the Artist Anon shop a few weeks ago because they thought differently to the pebbles on the beach. They wanted to stand out from the crowd and not conform to what others said they had to look and behave like. They were attracted to our shop Artist Anon Brighton because they understood its philosophy was also not to follow the crowd. They wanted to stand out and knew their own minds. Each pebble guy chose their own favourite item of clothing from the shop and adapted that guise for themselves. They became part of the Artist Anon family helping around the shop.

Then one day they thought they should explore their surroundings more as they only had experience of the beach front around the West Pier arches. They decided it was time to explore the bigger world of Brighton, leaving as a group. They were told to stick together and help each other if there were any problems.

BUT they haven’t come back!! No one is sure if they have got lost or have been kidnapped and they seem to be disappearing at the rate of 2 a week.  Everyone is worried as to their whereabouts. CAN YOU HELP US FIND THEM?

The only clues we have to their whereabouts is one picture a day, being sent to Instagram @artistanonuk with what we presume is a photo of something to do with where they are. They are offering a reward of 1 t-shirt for the safe return of each of our pebble guys.

The idea is that up until Christmas you must go into a local store you wouldn’t normally go into in order to find a stone and if you are lucky enough to find one you will head into the Artist Anon store with the rescued Pebble Guy store. There you will get a free t-shirt as a thank you.

48-51 Kings Road Arches, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2LN   |   Instagram: @artistanonuk   |

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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