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Words By Kairen Kemp

Tracy Jane Sullivan is an inspiration and you only have to step over her threshold to feel an immediate hit of relaxation and calm. Following vocal rehabilitation for her singing voice she discovered the importance of breathwork; not just for the voice but for complete wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. As she points out, everyone breathes, you can take it anywhere, it doesn’t need a fancy charger and Apple don’t own it! 

After many years of research and learning from leading experts in the industry, she now holds both group and 1-1 classes as a breathwork practitioner. Personally she found that her own anxiety and depression faded away when she practised breathing techniques. In an attempt to replace her damaged sing- ing voice she learnt to play the harp and often includes the calming, therapeutic music in her sessions Following the death of her father she began to rethink the way she lived her life. She decided to live with joy; to follow her heart, try new things and to live in the moment. This kind of organic creativity is reflected in her mainly improvised music with her band ’Some Kind Of Astronaut’ whose EP ‘Expansions’ has recently been released on Spotify. TJ, as she likes to be called, has always had a deep interest in Japan culture, which grew from her martial arts practice. She’d bought kimono before but after her father died she purchased more and these remarkable wearable works of art changed her life. She discovered that wearing a kimono was a therapy it its own right, it dissolved her grief and she grew ever more curious about their history and how they were and can be worn. The joy they brought her was incredible and her collection of vintage and antique pieces grew into the hundreds. TJ now shares her kimono therapy with others in her Kimono Lounge events where people are invited to enjoy kimono, ‘play dress up’ whilst learning more about they can be worn traditionally or in a more westernised way. She occasionally will sell some of her collection to others if she feels it’s right. Lounge members often feedback that they feel changed and empowered by wearing the kimono. They wear kimono often, taking more opportunities for self-care mindfulness; what TJ would call #Kimonoo’clock 

So, it’s only natural that in 2023 TJ will be hosting events where creative breathwork meets the healing sounds of the harp and guests will be offered the exquisite opportunity to wrap themselves in vintage Japanese silk, experiencing the true power of #kimonooclock for themselves!.

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Author: Steven Graham

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