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Brighton i360 to offer even more entertainment with new roller rink on the seafront set to open next week

Excitement is building along Brighton Seafront as plans are underway for a brand-new roller rink, which is set to open on Saturday 22nd July inside the grounds of Brighton i360. Set against the backdrop of Brighton’s famous sea views on the i360’s upper deck, the roller rink is expected to become a popular destination for locals, skate groups and tourists. Designed to cater to skaters of all ages and skill levels, the rink aims to revive the nostalgic charm of roller skating.

The rink will have a specially designed roller floor to provide a seamless gliding experience. A colourful mural will also be painted on the floor, allowing spectators to view the striking artwork as they ascend to 450ft on the Brighton i360 pod.

The floor has been designed and is being painted by Brighton visual artist, illustrator and mural painter, Amber Elise, who is known for her bold use of colour on large-scale murals in the city. When asked about the project, Amber says: “As a mural artist, I am absolutely thrilled and honoured to be commissioned by the visitor attraction Brighton i360 to paint their new skate rink. The opportunity to create art in such a vibrant and dynamic space is truly exciting for me. I have a great design in mind that I believe will capture the essence of the skate culture and the energy of Brighton. I’m looking forward to embracing the challenge and bringing this vision to life, immersing the skaters and visitors in a world of creativity and inspiration.”

Roller skating has a cherished history on Brighton’s seafront. Former locations included an outdoor roller rink near the Palace Pier and Aquarium in 1876. In the 1950s, another roller rink emerged at the Peter Pan Play Area in Kemptown. The new skating rink at Brighton i360 aims to revive the tradition of seafront roller skating, embracing the joyful nostalgia of former times.

After many years of campaigning and garnering over 1,000 signatures for a petition for a skating rink on Brighton seafront, Kris Ward, a former ice skater from Brighton, is overjoyed at the news of the new opening.

Kris says: “Our skating community began with a small group of 12 skaters back in 2010 called Brighton Skate. Our skating community has grown to over 3k members, which shows its popularity. Brighton Skate is also linked to communities in Spain and the USA and has had positive effects in surrounding towns and cities to Brighton, so it will be a fantastic addition to our city.

“My vision for a roller rink goes beyond recreational value. I see it as a space that fosters inclusivity, creates lasting memories, and brings people together. Roller skating has a unique way of uniting individuals of all ages and backgrounds. It promotes an active lifestyle and provides a platform for shared experiences. I cannot wait to see families, friends, and roller-skating enthusiasts coming together at the new rink, forging connections, and making new friends. This new rink will be a great addition to Brighton i360.”

Speaking ahead of the launch, a spokesperson for Brighton i360 says: “We are thrilled to bring the joy of roller skating back to Brighton’s iconic seafront. Our aim is to create a fun and inclusive space where families, friends, and roller-skating enthusiasts can come together to enjoy this timeless activity in a vibrant setting.”

To cater to all skaters’ needs, the roller rink will offer a range of services, including skate rentals, lessons, and even private party bookings. For those that already own their own skates, a reduced entrance price will be offered.

Whether it’s reliving childhood memories, enjoying a unique date night, or simply embracing a new and exciting activity, the roller rink at Brighton i360 promises to be a delightful addition to the city’s entertainment options.

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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