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Hello, I am Dick Day: a local drag entertainer in Brighton. I love to create happy memories and spread pure joy at my shows by creating a super energetic, silly and freeing space where you can come and let loose… (because if you think you’ll look a fool: don’t worry because I’m in the room!)

My Drag aesthetic is very bright, colourful, loud and utterly CAMP! I have a very heavy and recognisable makeup that has elements of classic drag and clown – don’t forget the big bushy moustache… 

Having such a strong look really helps me to feel free on stage and fall into the outrageously daft Dick Day as a persona that people are seeing. Although I put a lot of makeup and bright things on: I am full of heart and warmth on and off stage. As a queer entertainer I feel it is part of my job to make connections with people and ensure that my audiences feel at home and safe in my presence.

I’ve been doing drag for about seven years. I never become complacent so I am always trying new things and learn so much all the time with every element of drag. To me drag is more than a performance, it’s bringing people together to enjoy life, to let go of stress and have a BLAST!   

You can normally find me performing at Arcobaleno, Proud Cabaret, The Hilton Met, Bar Broadway, Glamorous in the new year and more – including my own project called Party Bag which I created alongside my very good drag friend Ophelia Payne. Party Bag is a bi-monthly drag show at Ironworks Studios in Brighton. Our aim with the show is to bring a diverse lineup of performers to the stage alternative than what you might find on the week to week local cabaret circuit. As one of the only big variety shows in Brighton to bring all types of performers to the stage: kings, queens, burlesque, horror and everything in-between we are so proud of what we have achieved so far and cannot wait for the future. You can catch Party Bag The Christmas special on Friday December 22nd at Ironworks Studios. 


Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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