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Meet mother and daughter duo Nic and Plum, proprietors of She Said Boutique 

Have you had any famous customers?

Nic – We have had sooo many celebrities, famous musicians, politicians and actors over the years.  I’ve even had the privilege of creating outfits for some of them. They love our discrete location and eclectic range and unique pieces.  Quite often we have no clue we’ve just served someone famous, we just treat everyone the same.”

Plum – Dita Von Teese loves our store and always comes and visits us when she is in town.  We are a huge fan of her stunning lingerie and can proudly boast having the biggest collection of Dita Von Teese lingerie in Europe!

Who are your style icons?

Nic – Alexander McQueen. Such an enormous talent and an irreplaceable loss to the fashion world

Plum – Vivienne Westwood’s rebellious designs hold a place in my heart. She’s actually a long distance aunt of mine! She was also a massive loss to the punk fashion world.

Where do you like to buy clothes?

Nic – I love vintage and quirky one offs. I really enjoy commissioning some of our designers to make me special things too. And I can’t resist a rummage in a good charity shop. 

Plum – Growing up all of my clothes were from charity shops, and even now I avoid fast fashion. I love treating myself to one offs and special designs. My most recent purchase was a vintage style cardigan designed by Dita Von Teese!

Tell me the best thing about living in Brighton?

Nic – Brighton feels like a village. I can’t walk down the road without speaking to at least half a dozen people

Plum – I love living close to the sea! Spending time at the beach makes me happy and peaceful. I also love meeting amazing local people.

What are your future plans for She Said?

Nic – We are actively growing our online presence. But at the same time have just expanded and taken over our very original shop that we launched the business in. She Said will always be my baby, but I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into some new projects and doing some pod casts. And I think I have a book in me that needs to be written. I am so happy that Plum is bursting at the seams to get involved and start to take on running the business and bring her own passion and ideas.

She Said Erotic Boutique, 12 Ship St, Brighton, BN1 1AJ

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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