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This month we chat to Aimee the owner of Iris Enchanted Parties who spends her work life dressed as a princess entertaining children across the city. 

Tell us about your business. Iris Enchanted Parties is a children’s entertaining company specialising in Princess parties and events. We’re all about creating magical memories that will stay with your little ones for a very long time. I’d say it’s our way to bring smiles and sparkles to as many children as we can! We’re a really close knit team of performers and I think we probably enjoy the parties almost as much as the children do!

What inspired you to create Iris Enchanted? I’ve been in theatre since I was about four so performing is one of my favourite things to do. Having a job that is literally being a Princess was definitely a childhood dream of mine and I started working for a princess company in Suffolk before moving to Brighton for University. Halfway through my second year of uni the travel became less financially viable. I was sat, moaning to my partner one evening about how expensive it was and he asked why I didn’t just open my own company in Brighton and I couldn’t give him a reason not to. 

Explain a typical party? The magic begins from the second The Princess enters the room. She greets every guest with true Princess etiquette and gets started on creating long-lasting memories with extra sparkle! A story and a Sing-along will get everyone up on their feet as she enchants the room and brings the fairytale dream to life. All of the little Princes and Princesses will then play a variety of themed party games before getting glamorous with our glitter tattoos or face painting. Finally a coronation ceremony for the birthday child with a tiara and certificate, as well as the option to keep a handmade sidekick friend from ‘Lia’s Little Stitch’. Every child will receive a signed picture and a small gift from your Princess alongside magical photoshoot opportunities. For those with a sweet tooth, you can add princess-themed homemade cupcakes for all to enjoy! 

Tell us your top three places in the city? I know it’s cliché but I love the bandstand on the seafront, with a wonderful view of the sea. I also love the Rock Gardens up by Preston Park as they are just gorgeous. Finally I would say Hove Park as it was here that I trained for the London Marathon that I ran back in 2022 to raise money for a Children’s Hospice close to my heart.

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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