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Lyndsey Clay


Tell us about your brand?

We are Connected Brighton, your City Concierge. We help you make new friends with our Social Concierge service – small group experiences that support local businesses. And our Business Concierge the Connected100, championing the best Brighton brands through marketing and networking services. Come out with us to make new connections with city professionals and small business owners, enjoying our bespoke events that champion independent hospitality, culture and tourism. We also organise private parties, team events and team building experiences. And everything we do supports independent and local businesses in Brighton & Hove.

What inspired you to create Connected? 

I needed it for myself. My friendship circle changed when I got divorced and didn’t have kids. I had a great job and money to spend, but my friends weren’t around to spend it with due to family commitments. Add to that the pandemic which changed my circle again. When lockdown was ending I realised I needed new friends in my 40s, I didn’t have a hobby but wanted to put money back into my hometown independent hospitality having watched great brands struggle to survive. I wanted to make a difference to getting Brighton thriving again, but I couldn’t do it alone. So I started an Instagram account, set up a website and talked about what Connected Brighton was, my story and what we would do when the world opened up. Now we are 3 years old!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

This is hard! I’ve had so much great advice about following your gut, taking risks and believing in yourself. When I’m struggling with something I remember one of my favourite quotes “whatever you are not changing, you are choosing” by Laurie Buchanan. It’s very sobering and makes me rethink what I’m doing and check in with what I’m choosing that isn’t working for me. And why I’m doing it and what I’d rather do instead. I use this quote a lot when coaching other entrepreneurs who are over working, stressing out and sacrificing their health for their business.

Tell us three things you most love about living in Brighton 

It’s such a walkable city, I love walking everywhere, taking in the sights and appreciating the change in architecture from Brighton to Hove. The beach is so special, not just because it reminds me that there is more to life and a whole world to discover, but it’s naturally beautiful and a perfect spot for mindfulness or time with friends. We are so unique here. The boutique shops,  restaurants, bars, street art, queer scene, people and culture make Brighton so special. I’m so proud to be a born and bred Brightonian!

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