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This month we meet saucy nurse Brandy Bex, NHS hero and all round Glamourpuss. When she’s not prescribing pills and chasing after handsome Doctors, she performs a comedic poetry set on stages across Brighton and Hove. You can next see her on Friday 24th of November at Ironworks Studio as performer and organiser of Extravaganza 4, an amazing charity cabaret event that promises to be a night to remember featuring a plethora of talented peformers. 

Tell us something no one else knows

By ‘eck, now you’ve got me thinking. I’m an open book, love. I tell it like it is and wear it all on my sleeve. I’m not sure secret is a word in my vocabulary. But all I’m going to say is I’m glad there isn’t CCTV cameras in the pharmacy cupboard at work 

Who are you style influences? 

I may be showing my age here, but I love a bit of glamour and glitz. Who better than the iconic Joan Collins? Also, Julie Goodyear as Bet Lynch in Coronation Street. All that leopard print. She was another glamourpuss… a real bobby dazzler!

Where do you shop? 

Well, with all this austerity malarkey, I can’t justify spending on fancy designer labels. I have to get stuff second-hand online or from charity shops. Failing that, you can’t beat TK Maxx for a designer bargain.

Favourite things about Brighton? 

I love the people. Everyone’s just so bloody lovely here. The whole place is quirky and there’s always something to do. As much as I love the North, the weather is dreadful and it can be a bit grim. Brighton is like a non-stop party and whenever I get the chance, I go into town with my fellow coworkers and enjoy all the amazing NHS discounts on offer in the local bars.  

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