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Cryobright is a wellness business with an icy twist – cryotherapy. Independently owned and family run, Cryobright is the first and only clinic in Sussex to specialise in whole body and localised cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy harnesses the power of extreme cold to activate the body’s natural healing capability, by triggering a number of physiological responses. Whilst the benefits are far-reaching and varied, they include reducing inflammation, anti-ageing effects, boosting mood, energy, metabolism and immune system, aiding sports recovery and pain relief.

Run by Shelley and Rob Tregidga, Cryobright is a light, airy and modern space on Church Road in Hove. They tell me that business is going well: “We’ve had a great start since we opened our doors…it’s been incredibly rewarding to see how people have benefited from our services, from athletes seeking faster recovery and people struggling with symptoms of autoimmune conditions such as arthritis. We have invested in the very best science backed technologies to help people optimise their mental and physical health and wellbeing.”

Time to get these benefits for myself – first, the cryotherapy chamber experience. As I changed into the clothes I’d been given to wear (sports gear, gloves and socks to protect the extremities!) I felt excited and a little nervous. However, Rob talked me through the science and what to expect, as well as taking some basic health information.

Feeling reassured, I chose a song to play inside the chamber (nice touch) and then stepped inside. What can I say? Well – it was cold! Considering it’s -85 degrees celsius in there, it would be. I remembered that Rob had recommended having a wiggle and found that this helped.

Rob counted down the minutes for me via hand signal and three minutes, 45 seconds later, opened the door. I stepped out feeling exhilarated – I sensed that my body had just been through something extraordinary, and felt a rush of tingles and warmth. It was a buzz.

Next up, leg compression therapy – these are sleeves that go over the legs and apply pressure through inflation and deflation. This clears metabolic waste build-up and helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the leg muscles, perfect for post workout recovery. I sat and chatted to Rob while the compression therapy did its work.

He told me that they’ve built up a great relationship with their customers: “We have built such a loyal, friendly and supportive community of people who come and see us regularly, recommend us to their friends and networks and encourage and support us.”

Shelley added: “I absolutely love running a business in my home town. Brighton and Hove is amazing, the people are amazing, everyone is so friendly and supportive and people genuinely care about their health and wellbeing and that of others.’’

The final stop on my tour of Cryobright was the CryoFace mask. This face mask uses cooled air and LED light therapy to trigger a natural healing response in the skin. The benefits include boosted collagen production, pore shrinkage and reduced inflammation – yes please!

Sadly, this visit had to come to a close. I walked back to my car with a definite spring in my step, feeling positive, energised and bright! Cryobright also offers hands-on therapies, including massage and assisted stretch as well an infrared sauna – I think I might need to go back to try those.

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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