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Words by Samantha Harman

I kissed a boy, the groundbreaking LGBTQ+ dating show, launched to rapturous applause in May on BBC3 and was hosted by fabulous Minogue sister, Dani. Two of the contestants just happened to be from Brighton and Discover Editor caught up with one of them, Kailum Webster.  

Kailum coupled with Jake from Wales and they remained together throughout the whole show, it’s common knowledge they parted ways afterwards as the distance between them proved too tricky to form a lasting relationship. We found out what life is like for him now in the aftermath…

How easy was the application process? 

The application process was quite long and had multiple parts to it. I originally applied on my birthday (May 30th 2022) by sending off an application form and a two minute audition video of myself. Luckily for me I had applied for other shows and took part in a TV pilot for a different show which taught me how to be in front of a camera so this was quite easy for me to make. I then got a phone call and had a phone audition with a producer, then had the same audition again over live video which was edited down and sent to the executive producers. 

In total this took around two and a half months and I was called on August 16th saying that I had been accepted onto the show. 

Do you have any regrets about being part of the show?

Absolutely no regrets at all about doing the show. It was such a once in a life time experience and what made it even better was almost the entire crew were LGBTQIA+ as well which has never really been done before which put me and the cast at such ease with no fear of judgment. I just got to be my gay, loud and proud self.

What was your highlight moment? 

My highlight moment from the entire show is honestly the douching conversation I had with Ross – Actually just our entire friendship that was formed across the show was just so funny and easy. A lot was cut out of the show but we were just so stupid together and never had a single moment where we weren’t laughing. 

Who are you still in touch with? 

I am pretty much in touch with everyone from the show but my main bitches from the show are definitely Ross, Vitor, Jake and Mikey. We have a group chat together and we speak all the time and plan to do things together and they really are my ride or die gay boys. 

Honestly before the show I barely had any gay friends. I had a couple of girls that are LGBTQIA+ but no male friends so the fact that I now have friends that are gay is so amazing because I never thought it would happen for me as I used be told I’m not gay enough to have gay friends so it’s a nice feeling to have some.

How had your life changed since appearing on IKAB? 

Life has been amazing since the show. I’ve been invited to multiple events and premieres which has been really fun. I got to be on a panel at the Future of Queer Travel event to speak about the importance of change needed into multiple countries and hotel companies to allow safer travel for queer families and LGBTQIA+ people which was an honour.

More importantly I have had so many messages from people and people face to face saying that I have helped them so much because of being on the show. One person messaged me saying that because I had my top off most of the time and was proud being on the larger side, they got their legs out in public for the first time in over 10 years! How beautiful is that because of me being myself has helped people is just unreal and the main reason I did the show in the first place. 

What impact do you feel the show has had on the world? 

The fact that this was the the first gay dating show on UK television and the first gay tv show to EVER be shown on BBC one is huge in itself. I think it’s putting what was needed to be put in the public eye a long time ago as being gay isn’t new. Being gay has always been there and to be showing it on mainstream tv will get people asking questions and seeing that we aren’t just a stereotype but that we are complex and beautiful and deep and emotional people just like everyone else. 

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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