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Picture the scene, it’s a cold, dark November evening and I’m wrapped up in a wooly hat and ankle length puffer jacket. It seemed winter had well and truly arrived and with it, the soft pastel coloured hues that adorn the Royal Pavilion every year, heralding the return of the ice rink. 

I was invited to review the food at the Ice Rink Bar and Kitchen and also to skate (yikes) in order to fully enjoy the whole shebang. My plus one and I reported to the ice skating station where we swapped shoes for skates and gingerly made our way to the glass doors of the rink. 

The floor inside and around the premises is soft and would cushion any falls and there are plenty of rails to hold on to. Once on the ice, I’d love to tell you how I glided like a pro, with the wind in my hair and envious glances from fellow skaters. The truth is, I held onto the outside railing the whole way around, resembling Bridget Jones on a skiing holiday. I did however, manage not to fall over at all and started to get my confidence just as the rain began. 

Weather aside, It really is a beautiful setting, with the famous glowing Pavilion architecture as a backdrop and no overcrowding, I will definitely return to try my luck again. 

Once safely inside and back in land shoes, we proceeded to the restaurant area and were wowed by the gorgeous space before us. The whole room is lit up by fake trees with fairy light blossom that adds a magical dimension to proceedings. 

We chose a window seat next to the ice rink while perusing the menu. There is something for everyone from pizza, to small plates and vegan options. Personally, I can never resist a German sausage and here you can enjoy a foot long Bratwurst, with crispy onions, curry ketchup and pickles. I also opted for some salt and pepper squid as all the panic skating had aroused my appetite. 

The food arrived promptly and was piping hot and delicious. The Bratwurst was authentic and the perfect aprés skate dish for all ages. The squid was also cooked to perfection, a surprising find and just one of the delicious small plates including halloumi fries and sharing nachos. 

I was impressed with the friendly service and recommend you try it for yourselves. A wonderful festive experience that really got me in the spirit for the dreaded C word. 

The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink is free to spectate, it offers the perfect opportunity to watch your family, friends or colleagues skate from the comfort & warmth of the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink Bar & Kitchen. You can take in the magical Royal Pavilion from the rink side terrace, in particular during the evening when it is beautifully illuminated. We offer a wide range of hot and cold drinks along with our extensive menu of snacks, burgers, pizzas and bratwurst as well as our full children’s menu.

01273 675756.

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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