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Discover Brighton meets some inspirational women who are all revered in their chosen professions for very different reasons.

Andie Galifou.

Andie became a structural engineer during a time when there were zero women in the industry. She told us, ‘I was a talented mathematician and my dad was in this profession and he used to build big concrete buildings, so I was always on site with him. He used to tell me I needed to change the professional landscape and that I could become a structural engineer if I wanted to, he really encouraged me to break the mould and go into this exclusively male world. I was the only woman in my class at university, but all of the men were respectful towards me. I enjoy my job very much, I like the challenges it brings me and overcoming them.’

Fast forward to 2015, Andie set up her own structural engineering company called Owl Structural where she has been building across Sussex for the past nine years. Hard hats off to you Andie for following your own dream and not being deterred in this (often) male dominated profession.

Owl Structural Limited –


Pippa Moyle.

Pippa is the founder of Brighton Girl, a local community helping women and non-binary femmes find friends, business connections, housemates, travel companions, life advice and things to do in the city. With over 30,000 members in the city and 100k plus nationally, this powerful group has supported Brighton Girls with all aspects of their lives – like getting new jobs, choosing the best beauty treatments, joining local sports teams and finding the best legal representation. Brighton Girl, which began in 2016, has since evolved into the City Girl Network with Pippa leading the growth of 18 communities all over the UK including Worthing Girl and Rural Sussex Girl. She has also recently set up the City Girl Creatives under the CGN umbrella, specifically for women and non-binary and trans femmes in the creative economy. 

Pippa will be joining the Discover team with a regular column, highlighting key discussions within the Brighton Girl community, as well as the numerous businesses and services championing this thriving community.


Aida Art. 

Aida is an artist with severe special needs including Attachment Disorder, Autism, Anxiety and a Tic Disorder. As a result of her illnesses she struggles with all areas of daily life, especially communication. ​Bosnian born Aida was  adopted from a children’s home after the Yugoslavian war. Her mother Julie was a British Volunteer working in the home who met her future daughter when she was two-years-old. 

At the beginning of 2016, Aida discovered a love of painting. Her Mother supported her when she was encouraged by Downs View Link College to paint a picture of the Helter Skelter at the end of The Palace Pier for an open house day at the college. The painting received a lot of attention, with a number of people wanting to buy it. This inspired Julie to encourage Aida to paint more Brighton scenes to give away as gifts. The results were stunning and showcased her natural talent with a brush. Aida is now at college and a flourishing artist whose work is displayed in a number of galleries across the city.

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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