Out Of Sync

There’s a new sustainable pop-up on Dukes Lane in Brighton and Discover chatted to owner Kate to find out more.

Tell us about Out of Synch? 

Out of Synch is a luxury womenswear brand, who are all about sustainability. It’s a family business, I work with my mum Jackie and sister Meg with all of us focusing on different areas. I design, my sister is in charge of marketing, she curates our website and Instagram page, and mum and I work together on production. We are a small business and produce all of the garments in Cardiff. 

What can people expect to see in your collection?

We design tailored clothing, shirts and trousers with the focal point being on the cut and silhouette, we love strong lines. Our brand is all about detail, we have a signature technique where we fringe our hems. The fabric used is manipulated to give something extra. Our brand is dedicated to constant research of the companies we partner with and the fabrics used. 

Sustainability in fashion is something that is currently trending, would you agree with that? 

Absolutely! When we first started in business sustainability wasn’t as prevalent as it is now, but over the last few years this topic has certainly come to the forefront of fashion, allowing us to progress into using fabrics that are not harmful. 

Why is sustainability important to you as a brand?

Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the world and has so much impact on the environment and quality of life of its workforce. We want our brand to have a positive effect on the world, being sustainable allows us to do that. What I have noticed over the past couple of years is the selection of sustainable fabrics now on offer  – 10 years ago, this was still at its core stage of research, you can now purchase fabrics made out of mushrooms and pineapple, which is a huge leap forward. 

What kind of fabric do you use?

I have dabbled with some of the more obscure fabrics such as mushroom and pineapple, however, we mainly use bamboo silk, which is more breathable and kinder to skin and tencel lyocell which is a man made cellulosic fibre, similar to viscose. It is extremely eco friendly and made from renewable wood. Both fabrics are compostable and biodegradable. 

You opened the shop in April?

Yes, that’s right. We have always wanted to have our own shop, and I also wanted to involve other sustainable brands as I feel we are stronger together and collaboration reduces overhead costs. Our pop up celebrates sustainability and I have aligned myself with brands who have the same values as me. You can expect to find jewellery, art, homeware, ceramics and swimwear, with each supplier having their own story. There is a price range for everyone. 

Are you hosting any events in store? 

Keep your eye on our socials as we have many ‘meet the maker’ events planned.


Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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