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For freelancers, flexible workers or work-from-home fugitives you can find your choice of memberships and day passes to put you in control of your space and time.

PLATF9RM occupies the former council buildings at Hove Town Hall and to say the space has been completely transformed is an understatement. The grey, sterile environment has been replaced with a contemporary, industrial feel with huge leafy plants and pops of colour. As you enter, the front of house team, who are a crucial part of the business greet you, making you feel right at home. 

The vastness of the initial coworking space is impressive, with many tables and amphitheatre style seating to the right of the bar and kitchen area. It is immediately evident that this is a versatile and relaxed working environment. The other floors play host to yet more coworking spaces, interspersed with delightful nooks with super comfy seating or huge cushions where you can hide away. There are also private offices on the upper floors which house a variety of independent businesses and some closed meeting spaces for silent working. 

The marketing team revealed, ‘We don’t call ourselves an office space or a home space, we call ourselves a third space in the city where anyone can come and work from the community. We are very proud of that aspect of the business, and work hard to ensure the members here feel like they are at home. It is an anti-loneliness ethos we promote here. We want to be inclusive and as open a space as possible with community at the heart of everything we do.’ 

The venue regularly hosts community and member events and the spaces are open so that people can interact with each other, if they wish. One of the most notable events is Kickass Collective, formerly Kickass Women, now moving into its fifth year. During the whole of March, PLATF9RM celebrates the people shaping the future of our city with a month-long programme of events and workshops which aim to bring the community together to be inspired, learn new skills and collaborate for a better future. This year there are eight other businesses involved and the 2024 season promises to be unmissable with interactive panels, live comedy, live podcasts and a keynote dinner. The theme is inclusion, meaning it is open to everyone regardless of gender expression. Everyone is invited to join in celebrating the essence of what makes PLATF9RM a Kickass community.

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Words: Samantha Harman.

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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