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Discover Brighton is proud to announce that they are now sponsors of The Kairen Kemp Show on Radio Reverb Our executive editor talked to presenter/producer/director Melita Dennett to find out more about the station.

“Festival Radio used to run during the Brighton Festival for three weeks and it was one of those radio stations where you tuned out of your regular radio and you tuned into that and it was all about local voices, local music. It was really exciting”.

The experience led to “a motley bunch of people” trying to set up a community radio station. After dipping their toes into the water with a couple of trial week’s broadcasts the decision was made. They were granted a restrictive license and they began broadcasting weekends over the internet over the next three years with the aim to acquire a full-time license from Ofcom. 

“We applied to the licensing authority to say please can we have a full-time radio station for Brighton and Hove in March 2007? We got our license, so we’ve been broadcasting full-time on FM. We’re also on DAB plus and online too for the last 16 years”. 

A lot of people who are still involved in Radio Reverb now were involved in that original broadcast. Melita herself presents and produces a weekly show called Tuesday Live in Brighton on a Tuesday between 5:00pm and 6:00pm. 

“It’s what interests me that’s going on in Brighton and Hove, so a lot of community things, a lot of arts and culture ‘cause that is my bag. People who are just doing stuff kind of under the radar, that doesn’t necessarily get very much coverage elsewhere, and it’s all about people with an interesting story to tell”.

One of the longest running shows, is the highly thought of Albion Roar which Ady & Al took over in 2010 “Radio Reverb has, for 16 years, generously given – the independent Brighton fans’ football radio show and podcast – the platform, editorial freedom and independence to broadcast our show to the world; and our listeners do span the globe … Sponsored by Phil Shelley of”.

 Funding for Reverb comes from the few grants available for radio stations, generous listeners who send in a few pounds here and there, plus local companies and producers who sponsor an individual show. The next fundraiser, The Reverbathon, is live at The Open Market on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September at The Hope And Ruin. It is funded by local business sponsorship and donations from listeners. 

Join them live and drop a quid or so into the collection buckets or from your sofa and donate, if you can, via   It’s great fun and a celebration of this wonderful station that entertains and informs the community.

The Reverbathon, The Open Market Sat 16th and the 

Hope & Ruin on Sun 17th September

Words by Kairen Kemp

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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