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The community spirit in Brighton is one of the many things I love about living in the city.

With the current cost of living crisis, many families struggle and making small efforts within your part of Brighton and Hove can really help lift someone’s spirits and make them feel less alone. 

A recent example I’ve noticed of this is a simple community noticeboard. I am a resident in the Tarner Park region of Brighton, an area renowned for its challenging hills and pastel fronted houses. At the bottom of Sussex Street, the aforementioned  notice board used to be unloved. It was weather beaten and neglected with absolutely nothing pinned to its surface. 

Over the last few months, the team at Tarner Park Community Centre have given it a revamp. First came the brightly painted fence posts surrounding it, followed by the addition of poo bags tied to the hooks at the bottom of the board, with a friendly message, ‘Please take if you need one’. The many dog owners in the area, including myself, have taken advantage of this. This lovely gesture followed with a ‘Thank you for replacing the poo bags’ message, was evidence of the unseen interaction and appreciation. 

There is a distinct lack of public litter bins in the area and the noticeboard fairies also recognised this having recently installed a waste bin at the foot. The board is now completely covered with information leaflets ranging from AA support to local businesses and events. 

The last time I walked past, there was a collection of brightly adorned beach pebbles, presumably painted by the children who frequent Tarner Park. Rows of them with positive messages and mosaic pictures lined up next to the bin and legs of the noticeboard. 

This is such a small innocuous detail, possibly not even noticed by many people – but I feel the warmth and good intentions emanating from it every time I walk past. There’s always something new to see and each detail has the intention of bringing the community together and helping in the smallest of ways. 

To me it shows thought and care and the fact people are interacting with each other through the replacement of something as small as poo bags, leaflets and artwork actually warms my heart. The team responsible get a big high five from me – keep up the good work guys it hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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