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After an extended hiatus due to some serious health concerns, Miss Jason is back to work, and I went to his lovely Rottingdean home for a cuppa and a catch up ahead of his first night back, at our iconic Legends Brighton for Miss Jason’s Monday Madness. 

How are you feeling now? 

I’m doing alright, it’s been a long time, seven months now, but I’m back now thanks to our glorious NHS, and the Sussex Beacon, and lots of friends supporting me. I’m raring to go dear, I just hope I don’t forget the words to the songs bit then I’ve never sang the right words anyway have I dear?’

Are you excited to be getting back to work? 

I’m excited to get back out there, and I’ve so missed my work, because that’s a bit of therapy for me, and once I stick a wig on my head I can, well not say whatever I like, but you know.  I’m looking forward to getting back into the lovely venues that have really stood by me, and of course they did that wonderful fundraiser at the Two Brewers in London which was so kind, so I really just want to get back, see everyone and start saying thank you to everyone for the kindness that I have received, it’s been overwhelming and I’ve missed you all so much

Tell us about your show at IronWorks Studios on November 3rd, with the fabulous daytime TV Dr?  

I love doctor Ranji, I  hope that I’m going to be able to concentrate, dear, he’s drop dead gorgeous darling. In fact I’ve often considered putting myself in danger at parties just so I can show him my bits and pieces. The show is at the Ironworks on the 3rd of November, and he was to be my last guest originally because I had the lovely Debbie McGee, and I had Gary Hollywood from Mrs Browns Boys, and The Vivienne, but unfortunately I couldn’t do any of those shows this year. But next year it’s going to be a big season of them, with my celebrity guests, for an intimate chat with, and the audience get to ask questions as well, and we will have some salacious gossip. 

Tickets for this are available from 3rd-november-miss-jason-confronts-dr-ranj, less than 10% of tickets remain. And after his great big comeback show Jason will then be setting on his sights on not one, but two pantos.

The return of the Brighton Alternative Pantomime. I am doing Cinderella with Mary Golds and Sandra as the ugly sisters; very good casting there. Jason Lee is going to be Prince Charming , and so many more talented people, and I am going to be Cinderella because I’m so virginal you see, even though I think I’m the oldest one in it, oh no Sandra’s in it she must be older than me surely? All the others are so young and so talented so they’ll all be singing and dancing, and I suppose I’ll just plop on and plop off like I normally do, but I’ll try to do a plop with finesse. 

Cinderella Remixed will be at the IronWorks Studios from January 24-28 2024, tickets from: 24th-28th-january-brighton-alternative-pantomime-cinderella-remixed, and will be fabulously risque, or if you prefer a more family friendly affair, Jason will also be appearing in the Brighton Family Panto with fellow creatives Allison Ferns and David Hill, at the Hilton Metropole 20-30 December 2023, tickets available from

Words by Patrick Cawley

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Author: Steven Graham

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