Arcobaleno Shines Bright

Arcobaleno, the city’s most colourful and vibrant destination for food, drinks, and entertainment, is thrilled to have hit and celebrate an incredible one-year milestone since their official opening. Over the past year, Arcobaleno has become a beacon of joy, diversity, and inclusivity, creating a haven for people from all walks of life.

At the heart of Arcobaleno’s success lies its commitment to showcasing the flavours of Malta, captivating taste buds with their traditional Maltese dishes and exquisite cocktails. Drawing inspiration from the sun-kissed shores of Malta, Arcobaleno’s culinary offerings transport guests on a gastronomic journey like no other.

As we are slowly gearing up for the vibrant colours of Pride Month to grace the city, Arcobaleno shines a spotlight on its extensive selection of traditional Maltese dishes. From delectable Timpana, a traditional Maltese dish consisting of layers of pasta, a savory meat sauce, eggs, and cheese, baked to perfection, to Focaccia and Flatbreads, each bite embodies the rich culinary heritage of Malta. With every dish, Arcobaleno pays homage to the island’s vibrant culture and flavours.

To complement the mouth-watering cuisine, Arcobaleno’s head mixologist and bar manager, Tatiana, has crafted an impressive lineup of cleverly themed cocktails (currently sporting an ABBA themed cocktail menu). These handcrafted cocktails are a testament to Arcobaleno’s dedication to creating extraordinary experiences for its patrons. One of their latest exciting collaborations includes Arcobaleno’s partnership with Wessex Distillery, a renowned British gin producer, for the creation of RESPECT GIN. This craft gin not only delights the palate but also supports a worthy cause. For every bottle of RESPECT GIN sold, £1 will be donated to the Across Rainbows C.I.C., a non-profit organization promoting inclusivity. 

As Arcobaleno celebrates its one-year anniversary, the renowned dining establishment eagerly looks ahead to the significance of Pride Month. Derived from the Italian word for “rainbow,” Arcobaleno holds a profound appreciation for diversity, inclusivity, and equality. With immense pride, they embrace and support the LGBTQ+ community, both within their establishment and beyond.

Arcobaleno is going above and beyond to impress and celebrate love, acceptance, and unity. Guests can enjoy indulging in a delectable Pride-themed menu, soaking up the tropical Brighton weather at vibrant Pool Parties, and laughing the night away at Tutu Tuesday hosted by the charismatic Dick Day for a night of laughter and fun. The Arcobaleno Pride Brunch will satisfy their cravings and add that extra touch of flair to their Pride experience, making it the sassiest and most unforgettable event of the season!

These endeavours aim to honour the diverse voices, experiences, and stories that make our community so beautiful. 

Throughout the entire month of August, Arcobaleno invites everyone to join them in celebrating Pride. Whether you’re a regular patron or a first-time visitor, indulge in their exquisite culinary delights while revelling in an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity. At Arcobaleno, it’s not just about the food; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance for all.

Beyond the culinary delights, Arcobaleno is dedicated to championing inclusivity and community spirit. The vibrant ambiance of the establishment serves as a gathering place for people from all walks of life. Through collaborations, support for local LGBTQ+ initiatives, and sponsorship of the Brighton BLAGGS Football team, Arcobaleno’s commitment to diversity shines through.

As Arcobaleno expresses heartfelt gratitude to their patrons, partners, and the entire Brighton community for their unwavering support, they remain committed to creating unforgettable experiences. Their traditional Maltese dishes and vibrant cocktails serve as a conduit for uplifting the vibrant spirit of the city.

Join Arcobaleno in their jubilant Pride Month festivities this August and beyond, immersing yourself in the flavors and vibrant energy reminiscent of Malta. Come and be a part of a celebration that embraces love, acceptance, and the vibrant spectrum of our community. For media inquiries, high-resolution images, or to arrange an interview, please contact: Shauna Cantwell – PR Manager: or call +971 55 114 0476.  |  @arcobalenobtn  |  120 St. George’s Rd, BN2 1EA

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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