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A brand new day rave

We caught up with Sarah, the mastermind behind DayClub, a brand new clubbing experience. Read on to find out more… 

Explain the concept of your event 

At DayClub, Dayvers (daytime ravers) can embrace the unique experience of a daytime rave, designed for party enthusiasts who prefer to wrap up their fun at a sensible hour. Traditionally, top acts perform in the early hours, excluding a significant audience who can’t stay out late. Our event breaks this mold, welcoming early birds without sidelining night owls. Our mantra is ‘wake.rave.sleep’ – start your day with an electrifying rave and still get to bed on time. We’re built on the belief that the best moments don’t have to wait for midnight – after all, nothing truly good happens after 9pm.

How and why did you come up with the idea? 

A few years ago, my mate and I launched ‘Over the Influence,’ a community for those looking to reduce or eliminate their alcohol consumption. While it was linked to partying, it didn’t fully capture the essence of pure, unadulterated fun. Enter ‘DayClub,’ the evolution of this idea, tailored for those, like myself, who’ve grown weary of late-night outings. My epiphany came after a thoroughly unenjoyable night in Barcelona, leading me to swear off traditional clubs. Since moving to Brighton two years ago, I haven’t danced once – a striking fact for someone as passionate about music as I am. This realisation, combined with conversations with others who shared my sentiments, sparked the creation of DayClub. It’s a novel concept catering to those of us who relish the idea of a vibrant party scene, yet want to be home by 10pm. DayClub is the answer to a gap in the market, a space for music, dance, and fun, all wrapped up before the panic attack sets in.

What can your party goers expect? 

At DayClub, we’re crafting an eclectic musical journey that defies traditional genre boundaries. Instead of limiting ourselves to a single style like Deep House, EDM, or R&B, we’re blending them to create an electric atmosphere. For our inaugural event, we’re kicking off with high-energy R&B, then diving into the rhythmic depths of deep house and garage. Highlighting the line-up is the legendary ‘90s dance icon K-Klass, performing not in the early hours, but at a prime time of 5pm. This ensures that our guests can immerse themselves in an incredible experience and still head home at a reasonable hour. Our goal is to deliver a memorable party that balances exhilaration with convenience, perfect for those who love the nightlife but also value their time.

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