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Khalil Properties is renowned as Brighton & Hove’s premier letting agency, being the preferred choice of both landlords and tenants in the area. We focus on renting quality homes and have honed this skill over many years of industry experience. We take pride in our unrivalled expertise in the Brighton & Hove letting trade and our commitment to excellence. 

There are numerous compelling reasons why Khalil Properties stands out as the superior rental agency in Brighton & Hove. For one, we place a premium on customer service, with many tenants remaining with our agency for extended periods and cultivating long-lasting relationships with landlords. Additionally, we leverage a range of channels to advertise rental properties for our landlords, with rental details sent to our email list of waiting tenants, postings on our website, displays in our office windows and listings featured in local publications and major rental property portals online. 

Above all, we are committed to providing a seamless and stress-free rental experience, taking care to thoroughly vet properties and tenants to ensure everyone’s expectations are met. 

Khalil Properties boasts an extensive industry track record that spans over two decades, and we have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping landlords and tenants in and around Brighton. We have a deep understanding of the local market and are passionate about working in the region.

 We are eager to share the benefit of our experience with clients, guiding our landlords through the intricate letting landscape and helping tenants find their ideal let. Our staff members are highly trained and qualified, and are always eager to share their knowledge and insights. All our practices are informed by and regulated by our membership of a professional body, ensuring we follow the latest and most effective industry practices.

Rent Guarantee Scheme

Are you tired of the hassle and stress of managing your rental property? Look no further than our Rent Guarantee Scheme. With this scheme, you can enjoy a steady stream of income from your property, even during periods of vacancy. Say goodbye to the headache of finding tenants and the day-to-day maintenance of your rental property. Our team will take care of everything, allowing you to sit back and relax while your investment works for you. We guarantee rent every single month of the year, and you’ll never have to worry about finding a tenant during this time. Of course, terms and conditions apply, but rest assured that our professional team will handle everything and ensure a seamless rental experience.

Call Ahmed on 01273 573 960 to register your interest now.

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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