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Discover chats to Sober Brighton Huns a brand new clubbing concept that’s really taking off and helping to normalise partying without alcohol 


Tell us about Sober Bright Huns? 

Sober Bright’huns is a new sober clubbing and events company that is based in Brighton brought to you by myself, Ian farrell (@iandavidfarrell) with some musical input from Emma Barron (@dj_barroness) We aim to bring sober clubbing, events and sober joy to all!

How did you come up with the concept? 

For many of my 14 years of sobriety, in order to socialise, I had to normalise / put up with other people’s drinking to have a good time and it just becomes non enjoyable after a certain time of the evening! You find yourself in a position where you still want a social life, but really don’t want to have to put up with drunkenness. The sober scene has really exploded over the last few years and I’ve been up to quite a few brilliant events in London which I thoroughly enjoyed, and decided it was time we brought some sober sass to the seaside.

Can you tell us what made you quit alcohol? 

All the organisers of sassy are non- drinkers. I’ve been sober for over 14 years. I was riddled with addiction. I was killing myself. At the age of 32, I made a decision. I entered my second rehab and worked incredibly hard to become and live a sober life. I see sobriety as a gift these days. It’s definitely worth mentioning you don’t have to be sober to be welcome at Sassy. We welcome anyone and everyone as long as they are respectful, or curious about living a sober life. 

When is your next event taking place? 

Sassy is our first event and is taking place on:Sat 27th, Jan 2024, 1pm – 6pm, at Club Revenge, Brighton. Be sure to head to @soberbrighthuns on Instagram and head to the bio for the link to our eventbrite page. 

What plans do you have as a brand for 2024? 

We have lots of ideas about the future. We will continue to collaborate with Brighton based sober communities. We’re hoping to bring some sober inclusivity to Brighton Pride. But, most of all we want to be community focused. If there is a demand for more sober clubbing/ events, we’ll be sure to offer them. 


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Author: Steven Graham

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