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The Evolution of Codesouth

Words by Samantha Harman

Our Discover Editor chatted to the development manager of Codesouth Radio, Darren Carnaby, who revealed some exciting news about an exclusive signing and also explained the ethos behind the popular underground music station 

Situated at an undisclosed location in the city is Codesouth HQ, a radio station with a solid reputation for underground dance music with sets played by local and international DJs. Established in 2010, the station has recently undergone a metamorphosis with a new owner at the helm and Darren as development manager. Codesouth is now committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity in their programming. They believe that music is a universal language that transcends cultural and social boundaries, and strive to enhance the platform for discerning music lovers of all backgrounds to come together and enjoy. 

The station now plays host to a wider variety of music including House, Techno, D&B, Reggae and R&B and the vibe is focused on unity as Darren explained, ‘We believe in using this platform we have at Codesouth to empower people and also to nurture talent. We have some very gifted people working with us, playing many musical genres, from all walks of life.’  

Codesouth also have an exciting announcement,  Darren revealed the station have recently signed Woody Cook, the son of legendary DJ Fatboy Slim, as resident DJ, ‘We are honoured and privileged to have Woody onboard, he has all the minerals and is a really great guy and a skilled DJ. He fits into our ideals as he is all about music and has just finished a documentary on Channel 4 with Danny Dyer, talking about masculinity and what it means to be man in this current world, he’s a great role model and a decent human being.’ 

Woody will play live on air every Tuesday evening from 10pm to midnight, showcasing his unique blend of house, techno and dub. The addition of Woody to the Codesouth family is a significant coup, as he is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after DJs on the music scene. His passion for electronic music coupled with his skillful mixing has earned him respect from his peers and a loyal following, and his residency at the station is expected to attract even more fans.

The transformation of Codesouth has been welcomed by music lovers in Brighton, who appreciate the station’s commitment to showcasing a wider range of music genres. The addition of Woody Cook to the station’s programming is a testament to their dedication to promoting emerging talent and providing a platform for diverse DJs in the music industry. Darren revealed the station is now also working with Brighton University students in a training capacity, ‘We are looking at ways in how best to empower the students and give them the confidence and skills they need to succeed. We have a comprehensive training programme to help aspiring DJs and technicians hone their talents.’ 

With many years experience as a DJ and music aficionado, Darren’s role at the station is proving to be a patriarchal one. His dedication and passion for music is evident and he understands the value of music and the effect it has on mental health, ‘There’s always been a strong correlation between mental health and music, but during lockdown and after lockdown especially, that became more prevalent. During lockdown I wasn’t able to play music (in a DJ capacity) and it’s like a bit of my soul wasn’t there. So we decided to have the station on all through lockdown and since then we’ve had people thank us for the music and interaction during that time as it really helped people to not feel so isolated and that’s the power of music essentially.’ 

So what does the future hold for Codesouth? Darren is a man who likes to keep his cards close to his chest, but did hint there are lots more big things in the pipeline – we are excited to see it all unfold. 


Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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