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As the first signs of Spring start bursting into bloom and the days are getting longer, most of us are pleased to be shedding our layers of Winter, getting our legs out and relishing the possibilities of a new season. In fashion terms, I like to think of Spring as being the ‘Teasing Season,’ a gentle exploration into what’s to come, coupled with the unpredictability of the weather patterns.

So, when the coats come off, what tempting trends are forecast to indulge our fashionable creative sensibilities? The good news is many trends for Spring/Summer 24 are carried over from the previous season, which is great news from both a sustainable and financial perspective.

After studying the vast array of offerings, here are my top 3 pics that will seamlessly integrate into most wardrobes.

Trending Colours 

Red, a continuation of last season ‘It’ colours, red is everywhere. From traditional tones through to deep rich berry and sumptuous patent burgundy. Pair with taupe, beige or blue to get an expensive elevation to your look. 

White, a fresh wardrobe staple, all white outfits in various silhouettes are set to be powerful additions to your Spring capsule wardrobe. Consider styles that best flatter your body shape, and you will have pieces you can pull out year on year. 

Sky Blues can have a universal appeal and works for most skin, hair, and eye colour combinations. Pair with red for a rich contrast or whites and neutrals for a more classic approach.

Bold Stripes 

Truth be told, stripes never really go out of style, but Spring/Summer 24 stripes shows us a twist on the traditional. This season’s stripe is set to be bolder and brighter with a less conventional leaning in both shape and form. Soft billowy shapes with contrasting strong lines will be sure to make a statement addition to your seasonal wardrobe.


For me, the most exciting of all trends this season, is the continuation of metallics. Whether you go for a bold look statement piece or incorporate the trend with base accessories such as a metallic shoe, bag, or belt, metallics are always a fun way to lift an outfit to another level. Metallics are the new neutrals, suiting almost every personality and colouring. 

Trends can be overwhelming and are certainly subjective. My hope is to give you workable solutions to your wardrobe additions. 

Till next month… 

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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