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Our Features Editor was invited to sample a brand new sharing cocktail, The Disco Inferno at Ohso Social, one of Brighton’s most iconic seafront bars. 

If you’re wondering where to spend one of these recent glorious summer evenings then you can’t go far wrong at Ohso Social. The bar boasts the biggest (disco) balls in Brighton and is a well loved hotspot for tourists and locals alike. With an unrivalled view of the famous Doughnut sculpture and both the Palace and West Piers, coupled with ample outside seating, this venue is perfect for drinks and food any day of the week. 

As luck would have it, the manager invited me to try the new Disco Ball cocktail sharer. Stupidly, I arrived with only my significant other in tow thinking the two of us both being seasoned drinkers, would be able to tackle the cocktail in question. Big mistake. 

When our incredibly friendly host arrived carrying a medium sized Disco Ball known as The Disco Inferno, he informed us it is meant to be shared with up to six people. 

Aside from being huge, It really is the most fabulous looking drinks receptacle I have ever seen. Seriously, the venue should consider playing loud Disco music when they bring it to the table for extra effect. Its arrival certainly turned heads all over the beer garden and created a buzz of excitement. 

I digress, the lid comes off to reveal a deep bowl filled with Bacardi Carta Rum, Captain Morgan Dark Rum, Triple Sec, Pineapple Juice, Pineapple, Orange, Lime, Grenadine and a whole bottle of Prosecco. 

We grabbed our straws and got stuck in, the cocktail as you would imagine tastes absolutely delicious, it is an explosion of fruity bliss with the Prosecco adding an extra fizzy dimension. 

I must confess after a few large pulls on the straws, we weren’t even making a dent in the liquid level, so called for reinforcements. Luckily two other friends were not far away and joined us to help finish the drink. We made much better headway with four mouths instead of two. 

The Disco Inferno not only looks amazing, it also tastes amazing and certainly hits the spot. Let’s just say I didn’t need many more drinks subsequent to leaving Ohso. The drink is also great value for money at £60, that’s only £10 each if there’s six sharing and you do get a lot of alcohol for your money. Highly recommended by me, I will definitely be going back for another at some point soon. 

Ohso have also recently undergone some refurbishment and now have a stage in the outside area for live performances. If you haven’t already done so, check it out. There’s a decent pub grub menu and lots of other cocktails and drinks available.  


Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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