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Why is sobriety trending?

Drinking alcohol aka the art of getting p*ssed has been firmly at the epicentre of British culture since, well, forever. From medieval times us Brits have been swilling on mead to escape the horrors of living, traditionally loving our booze just as much as our cups of tea. Drinking alcohol has always been a socially acceptable and often revered part of everyday living. 

In the past, it was assumed there’s something extremely wrong with someone who turns their back on the hard stuff. However, times are a-changin with a growing sober curious movement becoming prevalent. Many hospitality businesses are adapting to become sober inclusive by extending non alcoholic cocktail offerings with sober club nights and events becoming more commonplace. 

The term ‘sober curious’ refers to a trend where people are questioning (as opposed to accepting) the need for alcohol in their lives. Many are choosing to take a break completely or experiment with short periods of sobriety to understand the effects drinking has on their life experience. The trend is driven by a number of factors, including the concerns about the negative health effects of heavy drinking. Mental health being one of the main reasons. 

Drinking alcohol has been linked by professionals as a cause of depression and anxiety. This in turn leads to being non productive and a life lead going through the motions. There is also danger of a catch 22 situation which develops as some find they only feel normal after a few drinks, so are effectively self medicating with alcohol to relieve the symptoms of said poor mental health… 

Other health issues linked to heavy drinking are liver disease, heart failure and cancer. As people become aware of these risks they are choosing to take a break or quit in order to improve their overall health and wellbeing. Those choosing to participate in a sober curious lifestyle do not necessarily have a problem with drinking, they simply want to reap the benefits. 

We cannot overlook the financial gains which are also plentiful. According to a study launched in 2023 by charity, Alcohol Change UK, the average drinker spends a whopping £62,899 on alcohol over the course of a lifetime, our quick maths reveal that is roughly £62 a week. This survey shows spending at a minimal level, definitely makes you think, doesn’t it? 

Those who have quit drinking report sleeping better, having increased focus, higher energy levels and more able to form deeper connections with the people who matter. 

If you are struggling with a drinking problem please seek help from your GP before attempting to stop. 

Words: Samantha Harman.

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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