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The Sober Curious movement is gathering momentum, with many people becoming conscious of their alcohol intake. The focus of this column is to highlight sober events and activities, helping you discover just how much fun can be had in our hedonistic city minus a hangover. 

I’m breaking the first rule of Fight Klub, I’m about to talk about it…

Fight Klub offers classes for people who want to combine boxing fitness with a drum and bass soundtrack. It’s essentially healthy raving. Sounds good? That’s exactly what I thought when I booked myself in with organiser, Helene Evans. The first session is completely free, meaning there’s absolutely nothing to lose, except your inhibitions. The classes are hosted in Brighton, Hove, Shoreham and Worthing and being a Brighton girl, I opted for the Monday night class at St Barts School. 

I arrived early and was greeted by Helene who was dragging her state of the art, free standing boxing bags into the hall. There were 14 bags set up with dim lighting and disco lights and the banging soundtrack was already in full swing. The whole set up screams fun, obviously there was going to be some (much needed) hard work involved, but I loved the combination of exercise in a club vibes environment. 

Helene took the time to find out about my exercise history and any injuries before proceeding to tell me how the class works. There are a maximum of four people to one bag, and the routines are broken down and done slowly to begin with before speeding up and adding even more moves. Having had previous boxing experience, I have my own gloves, but you can hire some for only £3.  

My fellow classmates were a friendly bunch, with most attending regularly – a good omen. Subsequent to the warm up, we started learning a brand new combination of jabs and hooks, then added in upper cuts, elbows and knee lifts. It is a full body workout and the great music helps keep you going (if in doubt, skank it out ) Helene was there every step of the way, who might I add, has the energy of Tigger and made sure we safely knew what we were doing at all times. You are allowed to take a breather whenever you need to as it’s understood that not everyone’s fitness levels are the same. It’s been a while since I’ve thrown myself into any hardcore exercise so needless to say the giant fans and my water bottle were my best friends for the duration.

Am I going back? Absolutely. It feels like you’ve had a mini night out, with the benefit of doing something that’s good for your mind and body. I was buzzing afterwards. There are various pricing options available where you can buy bulk classes or 1 class costs £14. I’ve opted for £35 for four classes, which works out at only £8.75 per class – book now.

Words by Samantha Harman 

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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