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Sundial Clinics have been in Brighton for over 30 years and amongst their chiropractors is Ben Clark who has been with them for 20.  He took some time out of his busy day at the Kemp Town clinic to talk to Discover’s Kairen Kemp who has had various pain in her body treated by him using manipulation, laser, acupuncture and excellent advice.

Chiropractors specialise in muscle and joint problems and are experts in helping back problems and other spine related conditions although at Sundial their treatment is very much a consideration of the whole body and mind. 

What makes Sundial clinics different than other clinics?

“We’re very much back pain led … our tag line is ‘your back pain solved’ … We don’t just get rid of their back pain but rehab them and help to make their back stronger. We’ve got a gym here and physios who help people understand their bodies and enjoy their abilities to do more. My attitude is this has to be a long term attitudinal change; you’ve got to look after yourself. If you don’t look after yourself these aches and pains will slow you down and unfortunately can lead to other health issues”

If you don’t keep moving you lose it?

“Yes. Something I didn’t realise when I was younger is that if there’s something you don’t want to do and you do it anyway you generally feel good for it!”

What services do Sundial Clinics offer?

“We’ve chiropractors, physio, personal trainer and massage therapist plus a Myofascial release expert. It’s a kind of massage but she was also a nurse so it’s based in the science behind fascia. It’s a massage that releases tightness and pain throughout your body to help you to change your movement habits.

We also have, in our gym, a personal trainer, Mick and once patients are feeling better he holds their hand and takes them through thinking about exercise and their body in a different way; thinking about how different parts of their bodies work and how they can move. I’m really pleased we have him here.

We teach your body to adapt around the pain you are getting so that when you get going again your body doesn’t have to rely on loading the area that’s been strained and so it can adapt to it and your body will heal and the strength will return.

After 20 years or so I’m still pleased to be doing something that genuinely helps people. From doing a simple thing you can transform their week or sometimes their lives. It’s nice to be enjoying talking to people about it. I’m still learning and being useful!”

Steven Graham
Author: Steven Graham

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